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Author Topic: how to Free up storage on Android phone with this simple process  (Read 12908 times)

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how to Free up storage on Android phone with this simple process
« on: September 16, 2019, 04:37:53 AM »

Perhaps this isn't as important to those of you with an Android phone carrying 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or even 1TB of storage. But if your handset has 64GB of native storage or less, you might want to free up some space by clearing the cache on the device. These are files and images that are saved whenever you use an app or visit a website and can be deleted without any issue. In fact, clearing the cache will often improve the performance of your phone.

This is not a complicated process at all. Go to Settings > Storage and tap on each category listed (Photos & videos, Music & audio, Games, Movie & TV, and Other apps. You will see a list of apps in each category. Tap on one and you will see information pertaining to that specific app. Now check out the size of the files listed under cache. That is how much storage (in theory) you will be freeing up by tapping the Clear cache option underneath the name of the app. Do not tap on Clear storage as it removes data that you probably want to keep on the phone.

Tapping on Clear cache will take the cache listing down to 0B (for bytes). You'll quickly get into the habit of doing this often and you will also find that mobile browsers collect the largest amount of useless files. News apps and social media sites (like The New York Times for example) also collect images and files that end up in the cache. Keep on doing this for all of the apps in each category to clear out your phone.

In twenty minutes, we were able to reduce the amount of storage used on our Pixel 2 XL from 54% to 47% (34.39GB to 30.15GB). Keep in mind that after clearing the cache on your Android phone, it will start to fill up again. Try to clear it on a regular basis or whenever you start to feel the device starting to lag.


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