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Author Topic: LG files another patent for a foldable phone  (Read 12717 times)

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LG files another patent for a foldable phone
« on: August 12, 2019, 05:57:08 AM »

LG is expected to introduce its next dual-screen phone on September 6th. Unlike a folding phone like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the dual-screen phone employs a second dedicated screen that can be added or detached at any time. But LG also appears to be working hard on a foldable phone; a couple of patent applications published this month seem to show what type of design the manufacturer is looking at for its foldable handset. One patent filing that we told you about earlier this month revealed a phone that folds not once, but twice. When the device is folded, a gap is created that can house an accompanying stylus.

Another LG patent application published last week by the World Intellectual Property Organization (via LetsGo Digital) shows another take on the foldable smartphone. When the handset is opened up, it reveals a larger display, twice the size of a regular smartphone screen. And there is another screen that folds out to form an even wider screen. Simply think of a Galaxy Fold unit that opens up to reveal a third screen that can open out. This additional display is half as big as the internal screen. The side bezels are thin and there is a small visible border between the internal screen and the additional display, which also doubles as an external cover screen. This allows the user to have a full-sized screen on the outside of the device instead of the small display found on the outside of the Galaxy Fold.


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