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Author Topic: Dish reportedly in talks to buy Boost  (Read 11787 times)

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Dish reportedly in talks to buy Boost
« on: June 19, 2019, 06:58:35 AM »

This week could be a very pivotal one for the $26.5 billion T-Mobile-Sprint merger. With FCC approval in the bag, the Department of Justice will reportedly sign off on the transaction this week. The DOJ has been against the deal since the beginning, fearing that by reducing the number of major carriers in the states to three from four, prices will end up negatively impacting consumers. We've often disagreed with that reasoning, pointing out that a combined T-Mobile-Sprint could apply more competitive pressure to Verizon and AT&T than the pair currently faces. But we digress.

So what made the Justice Department change its mind? Well, it appears that T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to help create a new competitor in the wireless industry. To appease the FCC, T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to sell off Sprint's Boost Mobile pre-paid unit, and this also appears to be behind the 180-degree reversal at the Department of Justice. Both carriers will also divest some of their spectrum as part of an agreement with the DOJ. Originally there was talk that Amazon might be interested in Boost, and the thought of such a deep-pocketed firm owning a wireless carrier probably made the government regulatory agency very happy. But Bloomberg reports today that one of the other front-runners interested in Boost, Dish Network, is close to purchasing Boost for a sum believed to be at least $6 billion.