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Author Topic: Google ashamed of Android Pie's distribution stats  (Read 10875 times)

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Google ashamed of Android Pie's distribution stats
« on: April 03, 2019, 07:18:22 AM »

Not too long ago, tech journalists, bloggers, devoted fans, and most importantly, hard-working developers could all visit Android's distribution dashboard and easily see what the breakdown of Android versions was for the past month.  The information was succinct, neatly organized by either Android versions and APIs, and released each month. Aside from making headlines and giving Android fans food for thought, this tool was of immense help to small-time indie developers who find this data very useful when it comes to deciding which Android APIs to target, and that's rather important if you simply don't have the large budgets and data insights of the larger corporate app developers.

Problem is, Google stopped updating the Android distribution dashboard late last year.

What happened to Android distribution stats?
From what we can tell, the last time Google updated the stats was back on October 26, 2018. That was 158 days ago, resulting in more than 5 months of no official information on the Android distribution stats. Has Android Pie been adopted by more than 4% of all Android devices? Has Nougat overtaken Marshmallow as the most widely-spread version of the OS? We wouldn't know, as the horse's mouth is dry.

Surely, there has to be a piece of information to give us an idea why the stats haven't been updated for so long, right? Of course! Google conveniently points out that, you see, there's an "update coming soon: data feed under maintenance". That's a pretty legit reason for a small delay of, say, a couple of weeks, but this maintenance message has been idly sitting there since December, with the page itself being last updated on December 11. Yep, I checked.


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