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Author Topic: You can no longer carry your phone or tablet in US checked luggage - Report  (Read 12787 times)

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It's been a requirement for many international flights already, but the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration has finally put a new Interim Final Rule in place that bans the transportation of lithium-ion batteries in passenger aircraft cargo. Not only that, but lithium-ion batteries transported on cargo planes are now required to have no more than a 30% charge, too.

Needless to say, it is all done in the interest of air travel safety, as one rogue thermal runaway from a faulty battery can set a whole plane on fire if the conditions are right. Thus, passengers will be required to carry phones, tablets, power banks and other battery-powered devices with them or in the carry-on luggage taken in the passenger compartment.

Back in 2017, the same restrictions were made in the form of a proposal by the FAA, but now with the Interim Final Rule it looks like every carrier and airport will have to follow the guidelines, so if you are used to carrying a spare phone or power bank in your checked luggage, those will now have to be taken with you. The ruling sounds bad for all those intriguing suitcases with built-in batteries, too.


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