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Author Topic: Google Play Store not working? Hereís what you can do  (Read 5976 times)

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Google Play Store not working? Hereís what you can do
« on: November 01, 2018, 01:03:53 AM »

For one reason or another, the Play Store app sometimes decides to do its own. It stops working for no apparent reason, or an update unfortunatelly makes it unstable. Here is a list of solutions that will probably help you solve your problems!

Most common issues with the Google Play Store
There are several clues to tell you that the Google Play Store does not work. Of course, the most obvious is that the application does not open. But you may encounter other problems like the ones listed below:

the download does not start (it remains at 0%)
the Google Play Store is blocked on "Loading ..."
the Google Play Store crashes at the opening
Faced with all these worries, here are the quick solutions we have collected.

Clear the Google Play Store cache
In most cases, emptying the Google Play Store app cache will solve the problem. The cache is actually a space in which data is stored so that the system does not have to reload it at each launch. If this practice allows an interface and faster loadings, they sometimes hinder the smooth running of the system.

To clear the cache, just go to the settings, under the Applications menu, click the name of the Google Play Store app, and then Clear Empty. From Marshmallow, you need to click Storage to access the Empty Cache option.

Delete data
If emptying the cache is not enough, you can try, still on the application page to erase the data. This will reset the app to zero, and should allow you to launch the Play Store again.

Update the Google Play Store
It's stupid, but the Google Play sometimes takes days to offer an automatic update. We offer regular Google Play updates exclusively, just install your APK: a real breeze.

Clear the Google Play Services cache
Under this name this cache is an essential application for running Google apps on your Android. Clearing the Google Play Services cache, similar to the Google Play Store application seen in point 1, will fix many errors.

Update Google Play Services
Like the Google Play Store, we're offering you all new updates to Google Play Services before the update is deployed to all your devices. Enjoy! Google Play Services can really change the game, both for the operation of Google Play but also for other problems: battery, Google authentication ... The list is long.

Enable download manager
We have already seen the Download Manager application turn off as if by magic. Of course, without it the Google Play no longer works. To reactivate it, always go to Settings> Applications> Download Manager and click on "Activate".

If you can not find Download Manager, it may be because you do not have to view system processes.

Delete and re-register your Google Account
Rest assured, this is not about deleting your account itself, but disabling it on your Android. To do this, go to your Settings> Accounts> Google, and select the account with which you sign in to the Play Store. Then click on "Delete account". To reactivate your account, it's the same menu. You can also launch the Play Store, which will ask you for your credentials directly.

Reset your smartphones to factory settings
If you have tried everything, and if any trick among those mentioned above does not work, you only have one possibility: get out the big artillery and completely reset your smartphone. Be careful however: all data on the mobile will be erased. Copy what's important beforehand, on your computer for example. To perform a reset, go to the settings, in the menu Backup and reset and after checking the box "Save my data" (to keep your WiFi codes, contacts and other useful data), click "Restore factory values ". Note that your smartphone needs a certain battery level to start the operation.

Set your smartphone on time
If the Play Store does not work even after all these tips, check the time and date of your Android and correct them if necessary. Some processes require dating in accordance with the location. So put the correct time depending on where you are. Go to Settings> Date & Time or Settings> System> Date & Time.
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