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Author Topic: Steps to fix smartphone batteries  (Read 9292 times)

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Steps to fix smartphone batteries
« on: November 05, 2018, 10:05:56 AM »

In this age of technologically, a day can not be imagined without a smartphone. Over time the camera has changed everything from the disc-play screen to the camera. But there was no change in the battery design. His smartphone users often suffer from battery problems.

Learn how to keep your smartphone's battery longer:

1. Often some unnecessary apps are always open on mobile. Which could be a reason for the charge to be completed. So, just keep the necessary apps open. This small steppe will keep the phone's battery good for a long time.

2. Many use fast chargers for phone charges The phone that charges the phone in a moment. However, research suggests it can quickly make your phone worse.

3. High temperatures are likely to worsen the battery. So keep the phone away from excessive temperature. Likewise, due to low heat, the phone's battery wasted.

4. The auto-brightness option of the phone can damage the battery. The option requires more light. Which can be harmful for the phone. So use it only if needed.

5. The cellular data usage of mobile phones could be good for a long time.


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